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What is a big data platform?

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Big data platform is a network platform that provides services through content sharing, resource sharing, channel co-construction and data sharing. It refers to the processing of massive data storage, calculation and real-time calculation of uninterrupted streaming data. A set of infrastructure that focuses on scenarios such as other; the big data platform can accommodate massive amounts of data, provide support for data scientists, and provide data analysis functions.

What is a big data platform?

The operating environment of this tutorial: Windows 7 system, Dell G3 computer.

What is a big data platform?

The big data platform is a form of content sharing, resource sharing, channel co-construction and data sharing. A network platform for providing services.

Big data platform refers to a set of infrastructure that mainly handles scenarios such as massive data storage, calculation, and real-time calculation of uninterrupted streaming data. Typical ones include Hadoop series, Spark, Storm, Flink and other clusters. It can use either open source platforms or commercial-grade solutions such as Huawei and Xinghuan, and can be deployed on private clouds or public clouds.

The big data platform can make full use of big data resources to support innovative development. In the era of digital economy, big data has not only become a new key factor of production, but also a powerful engine for economic and social development.

## Functions of the big data platform:

1. Accommodate massive data

Use the storage and computing capabilities of computer clusters. Not only does it scale in performance, but so does its ability to handle large incoming data streams.

2. Fast speed

Combined with columnar database architecture (compared to row-based non-parallel processing of traditional databases) and the use of large-scale parallel processing technology, not only can Improving performance (usually around 100 to 1000x) also enables lower and more transparent pricing mechanisms.

3. Compatible with traditional tools

Make sure that the platform has been certified and can be compatible with traditional tools.

4. Using Hadoop

Hadoop has become the main platform in the field of big data. Leverage Hadoop as a cost-effective platform for persistent and lightweight data management.

5. Provide support for data scientists

Data scientists have higher influence and importance in enterprise IT, fast, efficient, easy to use and widespread The deployed big data platform can help bring business people and technology experts closer together.

6. Provide data analysis functions

Ensure that the big data platform not only supports preparing and loading data within seconds, but also supports the use of advanced algorithms to build predictive models and deploy them easily model for in-database scoring. Simultaneously enable data scientists to use existing statistical software packages and preferred languages.

What is a big data platform?

Common big data platforms:

Alibaba Cloud, Tencent, Baidu, Huawei and Star ring.

  • Alibaba Cloud's big data platform is more technical, with relatively complete products;

  • Tencent's big data products are more analytical, with fewer products and solutions;

  • Baidu big data products are also relatively complete, and there are many marketing-oriented solutions;

  • Huawei’s products are developed according to the needs of industry customers Optimized solution;

  • Xinghuan's products are very unique, but its R&D capabilities and marketability are relatively weak.

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