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What software is HMS Core?

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HMS Core is a collection of client and cloud open capabilities provided by Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) to help developers efficiently build high-quality applications. It is a set of applications and services provided by Huawei for its device ecosystem; it can Achieve one-point access and global smart distribution in all scenarios and terminals, allowing developers to focus on innovation, thereby bringing more and better smart life experiences in all scenarios to users using Huawei terminals.

What software is HMS Core?

#The operating environment of this tutorial: HarmonyOS 4 system, HONOR V30 mobile phone.

HMS Core (Huawei Mobile Core Services) is a collection of client and cloud open capabilities provided by Huawei Mobile Services (HMS, HUAWEI Mobile Services). It helps developers efficiently build high-quality applications and is Huawei's device ecosystem. It provides a set of applications and services. Developers only need to integrate the HMS SDK to use Huawei's multiple open capabilities.

These capabilities and services will help applications gain more users, higher activity and more efficient business success. Achieve one-point access and global smart distribution in all scenarios and terminals, allowing developers to focus on innovation, thereby bringing more and better smart life experiences in all scenarios to users using Huawei terminals.

HMS Core can fully provide a full range of services to different mobile application developers around the world. In addition, HMS Core has the characteristics of security and trustworthiness, global distribution, one-step access, and accurate access to global users. , can effectively reduce development thresholds and costs, allowing developers to focus more on their own application innovation to bring high-quality applications to users.

HMS Core Advantages

(1) Global distribution:

Serves 170 countries around the world and 700 million users in the region;

The world's 7 largest DigiX laboratories are constantly being built;

The DTSE team provides global technical support.

(2) Efficient access:

Free to start, easy to get started, flexible and rich open capabilities;

From development to launch, one step One-stop service experience;

It only takes a minimum of 3 people/day to complete the integration and docking of a single kit service.

(3) Safe and trustworthy:

Comply with GAPP, GDPR and local regulations;

6 regional centers, 15 data centers, 20 Compliance certification.

(4) Precise reach:

More than 10 data analysis models to help build accurate user portraits;

Various based on user behavior push method to help precise marketing.

(5) Developer ecology:

1 billion US dollar shining star plan to encourage developers;

has more than 4.5 million registered developers;

More than 141,000 apps have integrated HMS Core services;

Huawei App Market has more than 550 million monthly active users.

HMS Core Open Capabilities

(1) Application Services (App Services)

Huawei Account Service (Account Kit): Allows your users to quickly and easily log in to your applications using Huawei accounts on multiple platforms such as mobile phones, tablets, TVs, and cars. Two-factor authentication has extremely high security and provides your users with the ability to protect their digital assets and personal privacy.

Advertising Service (Ads Kit): Committed to creating an open and compliant advertising ecosystem. You can get more revenue from in-app advertising through traffic monetization services; through advertising identification services, user privacy can be protected in an all-round way, and it can also help advertising platforms and third-party monitoring platforms carry out personalized advertising and conversion attribution in compliance with regulations.

Analytics Kit: It is a free cross-platform (Android/iOS/Web), multi-device (mobile phone\tablet, etc.) data analysis product, with a large number of preset analysis models to help you understand clearly Deeply understand the behavior of users, thereby achieving in-depth insights into users, products, and content, allowing you to implement data-driven operations and make informed decisions on application marketing and product optimization.

App Linking: Create cross-platform deep links directly to in-app content, which can be used for advertising, social invitations, etc. Users click on the link to directly access the content. It can work in the required way on various platforms. The application is not installed. It can be redirected to the application market for download and installation, and data such as the number of link clicks and the number of application installations can be counted.

Situation Awareness Service (Awareness Kit): Situation awareness service provides situation awareness capabilities such as obtaining the user's current time, geographical location, activity status, headset status, etc. By calling these capabilities, your application can more efficiently understand the user's current situation. The situation they are in provides users with a more intelligent and considerate experience.

Service account: Provide Huawei with a unified merchant service position to promote your business closed loop through service distribution, user interactive connections, and diversified marketing tools.

DCI Copyright Service (Digital Copyright Identifier Kit, referred to as "DCI Kit"): Provides full-process digital copyright services based on DCI standards for Internet platforms, reconstructing the digital social copyright ecosystem with new rights confirmation, authorization, and rights protection system to reshape the value of copyright.

Cloud space service (Drive Kit): Provides convenient and fast cloud storage capabilities for applications, allowing users of developer applications to easily upload, download, synchronize, view, and share images, videos, files, etc. wait.

Dynamic Tag Manager service (Dynamic Tag Manager): Dynamic Tag Manager allows you to quickly configure and update measurement codes and related code snippets. You can easily analyze and configure measurement codes based on the web interface to realize marketing activity data. Monitor on demand.

Game Service: Supports the rapid and low-cost construction of basic game functions such as achievements, rankings, and archives, improves the efficiency of game testing, management, and release, and assists you in continuous optimization through data analysis.

Sports and health service (Health Kit): Provides sports and health data services, combines excellent application services and third-party equipment to create an "intelligent sports and health equipment Huawei terminal application service" ecosystem, bringing users safety, wisdom, and Convenient sports and health experience.

User Identity Service (Identity Kit): User Identity Service provides developers with unified user address selection and management services. You can obtain user address information efficiently and conveniently through user authorization.

In-App Purchases: Provide you with payment services, allowing you to focus on the capabilities of the application itself and more on application innovation. It greatly reduces the investment in development, introduction and product launch of payment channels, global compliance and other aspects, and helps your business monetize.

Location Kit: Huawei’s location service uses a hybrid positioning mode using multiple channels such as GPS, WiFi, and base stations for positioning, giving application developers the ability to quickly and accurately obtain user location information and build global positioning. service capabilities to help developers develop global business.

Map Kit: Help global developers achieve personalized map presentation and interaction, and comprehensively improve the LBS experience of applications.

Membership Kit: By opening diversified marketing capabilities such as cards and coupons, we create a cross-business and multi-scenario membership ecosystem to help you achieve your goals of user operations and incremental revenue generation.

Push Kit: Provides timely and accurate message push services to help applications accurately reach users, quickly increase user activity, and optimize product experience and value.

Quick App Service (Quick App): Quick App is a new installation-free application developed based on industry standards. Developers can develop it once and run it on all mobile phones that support industry standards.

Unified Scanning Service (Scan Kit): Provides convenient QR code and barcode scanning and parsing capabilities to help you quickly build in-app code scanning functions. Thanks to Huawei's accumulation of capabilities in the field of computer vision, Scan Kit can detect and automatically amplify long-distance QR codes, and is targeted at common complex scanning scenarios, such as strong lighting, stains, cylinders, etc. Recognition optimization improves QR code scanning success rate and user experience.

Search Service (Search Kit): Fully open the search capabilities of Petal Search, enabling ecological partners to quickly provide accurate and efficient mobile application search experience.

Location Service (Site Kit): Provides location query services to help developers and users use location-related services more conveniently, and to help developers quickly acquire users.

UI Engine: It is a set of UI development toolkit provided by Huawei, which can help application developers quickly develop UI interfaces, and at the same time automatically adapt to a variety of different screen forms, so as to achieve automatic adaptation to multiple devices in one development. The effect of matching operation.

Wallet Kit: It can electronically put various types of industry application cards, certificates, coupons, tickets, keys and other credentials into the wallet, injecting new innovative elements into traditional industry changes and helping developers use Cross-industry scenario capabilities create an All in One Wallet digital lifestyle for end users. [1] [11]

(2) Media

Audio Editor Kit: Huawei provides rich audio editing capabilities for For scenarios such as music creation, podcasts, and soundtracks, by integrating audio editing services, your application can easily implement audio editing functions such as equalization, noise reduction, and sound source separation.

Audio capability (Audio Engine): Huawei provides low-latency K-Gearphone, multi-channel recording and other enhanced audio experience capabilities. By integrating Huawei Audio Engine, your application can conveniently use Huawei karaoke and other functions, bringing a more perfect karaoke experience.

Audio Service (Audio Kit): Focus on the three major areas of playback, sound effects, and audio data, providing you with a wealth of audio services.

Camera Engine: It is an open interface for Huawei's imaging capabilities. It is designed to help third parties use the powerful capabilities of the camera system simply and efficiently, bringing users rich camera functions and photography experience. By providing a new set of high-level programming APIs, it supports three parties to implement features such as large aperture, portrait, HDR, video HDR, video character blur, super night scene, etc., to achieve the same photography effect as Huawei cameras.

Multimedia Pipeline Service (AV Pipeline Kit): Provides you with a multimedia development framework and cross-platform, high-performance multimedia processing capabilities, supports business scenario expansion through custom plug-ins and custom pipeline orchestration, and reduces multimedia The difficulty of business development makes applications more focused on business competitiveness.

Image Service (Image Kit): Provides you with image editing and scene-based animation functions to efficiently reproduce image content.

Panorama Kit: Provides the ability to browse panoramic images, simulates a two-dimensional plan into a three-dimensional space, and provides an immersive panoramic image browsing experience.

Video Editing Service (Video Editor Kit): The video editing service provides one-stop video processing capabilities such as video import, editing, rendering, export, and media asset management. It is rich in functions, stable and reliable, and helps developers easily and efficiently Build the application.

Video Engine: Provides personalized video adjustment capabilities based on chips and algorithms. Helps you achieve movie-level color adjustment, encoder control and other functions, bringing you a high-quality experience in scenarios such as video playback, video calls and live broadcasts.

Video Service (Video Kit): Provides services for video playback, with low lag, high definition, and seamless switching, allowing users to enjoy a new stable high-definition video experience.

Digital Copyright Service (Wise Play): Provides partners with digital copyright protection of content, including hardware and software-level DRM capabilities, supports certificate preset, online application for client certificates, multiple content encryption formats and Encryption algorithm, online and offline playback and other scenarios.

(3) Graphics

3D Modeling Service (3D Modeling Kit): Provides you with automatic generation of 3D object models and PBR material generation functions to achieve Efficient production of 3D digital content.

Computing Acceleration Service (Accelerate Kit): Make full use of heterogeneous multi-core hardware to help you easily solve application performance problems and make programs run faster and more efficiently.

AR Engine: Provides AR capabilities such as motion tracking, body and face tracking, and environment tracking for your applications, helping applications integrate the virtual world and the real world to create a new visual experience and interaction method.

Graphics Computing Service (Computer Graphics Kit): Provides high-performance rendering frameworks, graphics rendering components, and technological research results that combine cutting-edge computer graphics, computer vision, and deep learning.

Game acceleration capability (GameTurbo Engine): Provides refined scene information, configuration information, network information, etc. to the system through the game App. The system feeds back system status information to the game App, allowing both parties to use this information to make updates. Close and in-depth collaboration further improves players’ gaming experience despite limited system resources.

Graphics engine service (Scene Kit): Provides a high-performance, low-power 3D graphics rendering engine. Provides easy-to-use rendering interfaces for games, AR&VR and other applications, bringing users an exquisite and cool visual experience.

VR Engine: It is a one-stop content development and upload platform open to VR content developers. By integrating the HUAWEI VR SDK, content is directly provided to consumers. [11]

(4) Smart Device

Smooth connection capability (CaaS Engine): Based on Huawei’s terminal smooth connection business, it is oriented to application developers and With open interfaces provided by hardware developers, CaaS Engine helps Huawei smartphones, applications, and partners' smart devices implement system-level audio and video call functions, build a huge real-time communication network, and strive to create the best communication experience for consumers.

Cast Engine: It is a mobile-centric large-screen collaboration capability provided by Huawei. By integrating Huawei Cast Engine, fast, stable, and low-latency collaboration between mobile phones and large-screen device screens can be achieved, bringing a high-quality experience in multi-screen collaboration scenarios.

DeviceVirtualization Engine (DV Engine for short): Using virtualization technology to make related equipment or devices an extension of mobile phone devices or capabilities, the TV, camera and speakers at home can be virtualized into mobile phones Screen, Camera and Mic/Speaker use wearable devices as virtual sensors of mobile phones to achieve a mobile-centered full-scenario experience.

HUAWEI HiCar: A full-scenario smart interconnection solution for people, cars, and homes provided by Huawei. HUAWEI HiCar connects mobile devices and cars, taking advantage of the strong attributes of cars and mobile devices as well as multi-device interconnection capabilities to establish a pipeline between mobile phones and cars, extending mobile phone applications and services to cars, and realizing full scenarios with mobile phones as the core. experience and create smart travel experience for consumers.

OneHop Engine: It is a solution technology for multi-terminal business collaboration. Relying on the NFC short-range communication protocol, it opens multi-device touch interaction capabilities to mobile phone applications and third-party devices, integrating mobile phones and By connecting devices in all scenarios, we are committed to providing users with the ultimate experience of seamless switching of multiple services from mobile phones to peripheral devices, solving the problems of difficulty in cross-device connection of apps, difficulty in device network configuration, and difficulty in transmission.

Pencil Engine: It is a handwriting capability suite provided by Huawei. It provides brush effects, handwriting editing, point prediction, stroke shaping and stylus double-click functions, allowing developers to easily integrate Realize handwriting function, bring high-quality handwriting experience, and create more handwriting application scenarios for third-party developers.

File sharing capability (Share Engine): It is a development toolkit open to third-party devices of Huawei Share. It is the industry's best solution for wirelessly transferring files across devices. It uses Bluetooth to realize mutual device discovery and connection authentication, establish a P2P Wi-Fi channel, and realize the mutual transfer of files between Huawei mobile phones and third-party devices. When the processing capabilities and transmission environment of the third-party equipment are guaranteed, the Share Engine transmission speed can reach up to 80MB/s.

Wear Engine: Extend the ecological applications and services on mobile phones to smart wearable devices, and also open the capabilities of smart wearable devices to mobile phone applications, realizing the sharing of capabilities between mobile phones and wearable devices, and bringing richer functionality to users interactive experience.

(5) Security

Fast Identity Online (FIDO): Provides safe and trustworthy local biometrics for applications Authentication and safe and convenient online fast identity verification capabilities.

Safety Detect Service: Currently provides system integrity detection (SysIntegrity), malicious URL detection (URLCheck), application security detection (AppsCheck), fake user detection (UserDetect), malicious WiFi detection, help You quickly build application security.

Data security capability (DataSecurity Engine): Provides the ability to securely protect user data and obtain system data.

Device security capabilities: Provide you with a program running environment based on hardware isolation. Ensure the security of program operation and business data.

Local Authentication Engine: Based on deep neural network development and combined with 3D structured light technology, it provides you with safe and reliable local face authentication capabilities.

(6) Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Machine learning service (ML Kit): Provides you with rich text, voice language, image and human Face and human class service API creates a new AI experience and easily builds your AI applications.

HUAWEI HiAI Foundation: Open chip capabilities, quickly transform and migrate existing models, and achieve better performance and lower power consumption with the help of heterogeneous scheduling and NPU acceleration.

HUAWEI HiAI Engine: Open application capabilities, build full-connection services and full-scenario applications, easily combine multiple AI capabilities with APPs, and make APPs more intelligent and powerful.

HUAWEI HiAI Service: The fast service smart platform can aggregate developers’ content and services and provide third-party direct services for Huawei terminal products. Xiaoyi Dialogue Development Platform can provide developers with an end-to-end platform for the development, testing and deployment of dialogue services.

(7) Connection and Communication (System)

5G Modem Kit: Provides Huawei's advanced and professional 5G communication services and provides 5G cell information for your applications Serve.

Linear motor capability (Haptics Engine): Encapsulates the linear motor vibration capability of Huawei terminals into a development interface and opens it to application developers to help developers quickly call Huawei's linear motor vibration capabilities within their applications. Haptics Engine provides vibration waveforms for user scenarios and provides custom waveform interfaces to help application developers achieve more realistic, fast and smooth tactile feedback.

HEM Kit: Provides OOBE with the ability to automatically deploy equipment and accurately deploy applications to the work equipment you need.

hQUIC Kit: Let your application quickly support the QUIC protocol, supplemented by Huawei's intelligent congestion algorithm, providing users with faster connection establishment speed, stronger anti-packet loss capability, and higher throughput.

Dual network aggregation capability: Huawei's technology brand of device-cloud collaborative network acceleration uses Wi-Fi and cellular networks concurrently on the device side to bring users aggregated high network speed, stable and low latency. The ultimate communication experience. In order to allow more applications to better use this technology, Huawei has opened this communication capability to partners through Engine to achieve reasonable scheduling of system resources.

MDM capability: MDM capability API, including device management API and application permission management API, provides system-level permission management functions for applications installed on Huawei devices and used in enterprise environments.

Nearby Service: Allows you to conveniently realize independent discovery, independent interconnection and data transmission of surrounding mobile phones. Allows you to easily obtain surrounding Bluetooth beacon messages and provide users with scenario-based services.

Network Kit: Aggregates best practices in far-field network communication, supplemented by scenario-based interfaces such as RESTful and file upload and download, to provide you with easy-to-use, low-latency, high-throughput and high-security device-cloud transmission. aisle.

Wireless transmission service (Wireless Kit): Provides Huawei's advanced and customized wireless communication optimization services, such as 5G, Wi-Fi, etc. Bring high bandwidth, low latency, and high reliability network experience to your applications.

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