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How to avoid spam after upgrading to Windows 11

Release: 2023-05-26 23:49:32
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In the digital age, receiving advertising spam seems to be a common occurrence in email inboxes. Microsoft, one of the world's biggest tech giants with operating system products that run on nearly every electronic device, is no stranger to such controversial situations.

In addition to the Microsoft Rewards controversy, giving you redeemable gift points for searching on Bing, the Redmond-based company is also offering Windows 11 pre-installed on every computer Bloatware software installed. Unwanted third-party software often also comes from the PC manufacturer itself, e.g. Dell, Asus, etc. For example, this user on Reddit reported that after performing a clean installation of Windows 11, the installer forced them to create a Microsoft account on their Dell computer. Then, users discovered the presence of some unnecessary apps and annoying email ads after installation.

I was absolutely shocked to find all the Microsoft bloatware installed including Netflix, Skype, LinkedIn and a whole bunch of Dell add-ons that I never asked for. What's even more shocking to me is that since then I've received six separate marketing emails either selling me OneDrive or offering me tips and tricks, etc., and they didn't have the option to unsubscribe, so they'll continue Come.

So, considering that Microsoft has always pushed users to create an account instead of letting them use a local account like they did with previous Windows, is there a way around this?

Read on to learn how.

How to avoid spam after upgrading to Windows 11

1. Clean installation using a local account

1. When setting up Windows 11,

Do not connect to

internet. If you don't know how, read our guide to reinstall Windows 2 in 11 easy steps. 2. Press and hold [Shift] F10 (sometimes [

Fn] [Shift] F10

)3. Type the following command at the command prompt:

Copy after login

4. The setup process will restart, but it will allow you to create an offline account.

2. Control Panel

1. Before connecting to the Internet, please open the

Control Panel.

2. Type

Change device installation settings

in the search box. The results should appear under "Devices and Printers".

升级到 Windows 11 后如何避免垃圾邮件3. Click
No (your device may not work as expected),

then click to save changes.

升级到 Windows 11 后如何避免垃圾邮件Alternatively, you can also manually uninstall these apps, but this is still troublesome because it will still try to push the manufacturer's updates when you run Windows Updates in the future. British media reporting software.

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