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Learn HTML+CSS at your fingertips

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  • HTML+CSS is the most basic language for making WEB front-ends. It is the most basic language that developers need to learn. This course starts from the most basic concepts and goes in depth step by step, leading everyone to learn HTML and CSS and understand various commonly used tags. The meaning and basic usage of css, learn the basic styles of css, and lay the foundation for subsequent learning.

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    • What file is exe

      What file is exe

      exe is the extension for executable files. An exe file is a specific type of file that can be executed or run as a program on your computer. View original text

    • VS是指什么


      VS是指Microsoft Visual Studio,它是美国微软公司的开发工具包系列产品,是一个完整的开发工具集;它包括了整个软件生命周期中所需要的大部分工具,如UML工具、代码管控工具、集成开发环境等。 View original text

    • PID是指什么


      PID也就是指“port ID”,在STP中,若在端口收到的BPDU中BID和path cost相同时,则比较PID来选择阻塞端口;PID由8位端口优先级加端口号组成,端口号占低位,默认端口号优先级128。 View original text

    • What is the difference between GET and POST methods

      What is the difference between GET and POST methods

      The difference between the GET and POST methods is: the GET method is mainly used to obtain information and can only send a limited amount of data. The data sent is not protected and the data can be cached; the POST method is mainly used to update data and can send a large amount of data. , the data sent is safe and the data cannot be cached. View original text

    • What is the difference between cookies and sessions?

      What is the difference between cookies and sessions?

      The difference between cookies and sessions is: cookies are stored in text format on the browser and have limited storage capacity; sessions are stored on the server side and can store unlimited amounts of multiple variables and are more secure than cookies. View original text

    • What does Null mean?

      What does Null mean?

      NULL is a reserved value in calculations and is used to indicate that the pointer does not refer to a valid object. Programs often use null pointers to represent conditions, such as the end of a list of unknown length or that some operation was not performed; this use of null pointers can be compared with the Nothing value in nullable and option types. View original text

    • Six ways to get IP address in PHP

      Six ways to get IP address in PHP

      This article mainly introduces six methods of obtaining IP addresses in PHP. Interested friends can refer to it. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. View original text

    • PHP中=>和->以及::的用法


      1、=>的用法   在php中数组默认键名是整数,也可以自己定义任意字符键名(最好是有实际意义),如:   $css=array('style'=>'0',‘color’=>‘green‘);   则$css['style']=='0',$css['color']=='green'。 View original text

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