An article to help you understand which fields are suitable for developing WeChat mini programs

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On the evening of September 21st, WeChat launched an internal test of the mini program, which instantly caused a stir in the entire Internet circle.

For WeChat, which already has two revolutionary Internet services, WeChat Pay and Moments, mini programs may become the source of another "change".

What is a mini program? The essence of a mini program is a webapp. The most typical case is "Didi Taxi" connected to WeChat. Although there is no APP downloaded and installed, you can use Didi Taxi's services normally through WeChat, and WeChat can provide all the required underlying capabilities such as positioning and payment.

Obviously, WeChat will become a super App, and various traditional Apps will be embedded in WeChat in the form of small programs. In this way, everyone no longer has to install apps that fill the screen. When you need to use services such as taxi hailing, shopping, and ticket booking, you only need to open WeChat and find the corresponding mini program. Doesn’t it sound particularly convenient?

A public account-style entrepreneurial gold mine & the best entrepreneurial opportunity after apps

The rise of WeChat public accounts has benefited many content entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises , many of whom have realized their wealth dreams with the help of WeChat public accounts.

The emergence of mini programs has allowed people who missed the bonus of public accounts to see new entrepreneurial soil. WeChat has once again drawn a starting line, just waiting to be launched.

For entrepreneurs or small and medium-sized enterprises, mini programs are a distribution platform with low threshold, easy to acquire a large number of real users and ensure user stickiness; for WeChat users, this is an extremely simple How to use the application.

If the mini program can attract huge traffic like the circle of friends, there is traffic, and it has a huge drainage effect, then it is not a bad idea to use the WeChat mini program to replace the APP. Because the pattern of mobile Internet has basically been determined, the main demand scenarios of users have been controlled by giants. The utilization rate of downloading APPs is getting lower and lower, while the cost of obtaining traffic is getting higher and higher, and it has gradually reached a dead end.

Mobile Internet entrepreneurship, traffic and channels are the core. The excitement caused by the launch of mini programs by WeChat, which has 800 million users, is more about looking forward to the dividends of traffic and looking forward to cooperation with circle of friends advertising and application distribution. , which is a win-win situation for users and enterprises. Mini programs are very different from the model of buying traffic to acquire users. There is considerable room for imagination, and a new wave of mobile Internet traffic dividends will surely come.

Lightweight, low-frequency, non-rigidly needed, and single-function applications are more suitable for mini programs

Zhang Xiaolong hopes that WeChat mini programs should be “ubiquitous, within reach, It is a "small application" that can be used at any time and goes away after use. The emphasis is on the word "small". Then, low-frequency, non-rigidly needed, lightweight, single-function applications that do not require too many system-level capabilities seem to be more suitable for small programs.

Services in high-frequency scenarios are still suitable to be based on independent APPs. Just like WeChat has opened up the most obvious secondary "shopping" entrance for, it is just an increase. Its own APP is still the main position. Even WeChat mini programs with greatly enhanced experience can hardly change this fact.

In addition to being concerned about the product form of mini programs, users also want to know which fields of product development are more suitable for mini programs. EgretLark, the leading domestic HTML5 mobile application technology provider, based on many practical cases The experience is summarized as follows:

An article to help you understand which fields are suitable for developing WeChat mini programs

An article to help you understand which fields are suitable for developing WeChat mini programs

As shown in Figures D and H, there are many paid O2O categories, life services, desktop tools, and chat enhancements Areas such as tools and group management services that are not frequently used, have single functions, and are low in frequency of use may become a good entry point. These long-tail services have low demand frequency and do not have the ability to become independent apps. Therefore, they choose to rely on the big tree of WeChat to better enjoy the benefits.

After practical analysis, Qingque believes that small and medium-sized enterprises should cherish this change of WeChat. For example, a flower shop, which meets the characteristics of simple business, low-frequency scenarios, and long-tail services, is very suitable for WeChat mini programs. As long as WeChat's embedded H5 is migrated into a mini program on the existing basis, the order process, customer service and other aspects of experience optimization can be improved, thereby better maintaining users.

The question is, how to seize the first wave of mobile dividends from mini programs?

Although mini programs sound lofty, everyone can actually make an application by themselves.

Because the WeChat application account is essentially a WebApp, a web-based APP developed based on H5 technology. The threshold is relatively low. As long as you understand the code, you can use relevant tools to create exclusive mini programs.

"Qingque" is a free self-service platform for creating light applications and webapps. It is also the leading domestic WeChat mini program technology provider. It provides a series of professional building block templates, regardless of video, music, graphics, navigation Other functions can be visualized and completed through simple drag and drop, allowing developers to easily create a mobile application and quickly develop exclusive WeChat mini programs. Qingque not only provides WeChat mini program template solutions for various vertical industries, minimizing development costs and time, but also supports in-depth customization functions, which can create applications comparable to native applications for users with complex needs.

An article to help you understand which fields are suitable for developing WeChat mini programs

An article to help you understand which fields are suitable for developing WeChat mini programs

These two life service mini program cases are just like the "Dianping" currently connected to WeChat. Open You can start purchasing movie tickets, downloading music and other related services. Qingque can help users develop the required interface, view, button, location, payment and other underlying capabilities more efficiently and conveniently. It is reported that the average time it takes to create the above cases using Qingque is only 4 hours.

In addition, in order to solve the pain points of developers, entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized business owners on how to develop mini programs faster and find business opportunities, Qingque also created the WeChat mini program community ( Here users can learn development documents, tutorials and source code for free, display mini program development results, find customized development projects, obtain the latest mini program information, participate in community interactions and various offline and online activities.

An article to help you understand which fields are suitable for developing WeChat mini programs

The emergence of WeChat “mini programs”, due to the huge traffic imagination space behind them, is bound to become a new territory for entrepreneurs to compete for. But traffic has a bonus period. When everyone flocks to it, the bonus period will be shorter, probably only one year. For entrepreneurs who are most afraid of losing at the starting line, the world of WeChat "mini programs" is destined to be crowded with entrepreneurs. For entrepreneurs who are most afraid of losing at the starting line, they can only seize this opportunity as soon as possible. Only by quickly seizing the market can you become the beneficiary of this wave of dividends.

For more articles, let you understand which areas are suitable for developing WeChat applets. For related articles, please pay attention to the PHP Chinese website!

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