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How to close ssl in mysql

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Method: 1. Use "SHOW VARIABLES LIKE'%ssl%'" to check the ssl status; 2. Modify the "my.cnf" file and add "skip_ssl" in "[mysqld]"; 3. Use "service mysqld restart" can restart mysql.

How to close ssl in mysql

The operating environment of this tutorial: windows10 system, mysql8.0.22 version, Dell G3 computer.

How to turn off ssl in mysql

1. Check whether SSL is enabled:

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How to close ssl in mysql

##See the value of have_ssl If YES, SSL is enabled. (have_openssl indicates whether SSL is supported)

2. Modify the configuration file my.cnf and add the following content:

# disable_ssl
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3. Restart MySQL:

service mysqld restart

4. Check the opening status of SSL again:

How to close ssl in mysql

See that the value of have_ssl is DISABLED, which means it is closed. SSL.

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