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1660 graphics card win10 cannot install driver

Release: 2019-09-03 10:53:20
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1660 graphics card win10 cannot install driver

I won’t tell you the reason, but I will teach you a way. First go to NVIDIA to download the latest driver, then download the ddu graphics card uninstall tool. After disconnecting from the Internet, use this software to uninstall the driver and restart. Then install the NVIDIA official website driver, and then disconnect from the Internet after restarting until the graphics card installation is completed. (Recommended study: web front-end video tutorial)

So the 16-series graphics card that has cut off ray tracing and DLSS is their favorite. Among the 16 series graphics cards, the first one is the GTX 1660 Ti. At the same time, the GTX 1660, which is priced around 1,600 yuan, has followed the GTX 1660 Ti to meet consumers. Compared with the GTX 1660 Ti, the GTX 1660 is more focused on 2,000 yuan. the following markets.

Graphics card architecture: The scalpel is really powerful

Although GTX 1660 does not use the RTX prefix and is still 10, the architecture of GTX 1660 is still Nvidia’s latest Turing architecture. The core code of GTX 1660 is TU116-200. It has 6.6 billion transistors and uses TSMC's 12nm FNN process. It uses 6GB of GDDR5 video memory with a memory width of 192Bits. The recommended retail price of this graphics card is US$219. Bank of China The price of GTX 1660 graphics card is 1,799 yuan.

Actual appearance

As usual, the mainstream product of GTX 1660 is still the non-public version, so this time IT House got the Colorful iGame GeForce GTX 1660 Ultra 6G graphics card , let us take a look at how this product that uses the GTX 1660 Ti graphics card feels. At least from our perspective, GTX 1660 Ti and GTX 1660 are like twin brothers, with basically no difference.

In fact, as you can tell from the name, there is not much difference between the Colorful iGame GeForce GTX 1660 Ultra 6G graphics card and the Colorful iGame GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Ultra 6G graphics card.

iGame GeForce GTX 1660 Ultra 6G adopts the outer armor of technological power. Through the solid outer armor with a sense of technology, iGame conveys the rising power of China's e-sports.

Of course, in iGame GeForce GTX 1660 Ultra 6G, this graphics card also uses an RGB light group with multiple playable modes, which means that the type of light can be changed through software, even for a A graphics card for mainstream consumer groups, it still has an RGB mode.

iGame GeForce GTX 1660 Ultra 6G has a Faith backplane, which can stabilize the PCB and assist in heat dissipation.

In terms of interfaces, the iGame GeForce GTX 1660 Ultra 6G graphics card has a DVI interface, an HDMI interface and a DP interface. Of course, the USB-C interface no longer exists, although the official GTX 1660 has a 120W TDP , but iGame GeForce GTX 166 Ultra 6G uses a single 8Pin auxiliary power supply, which can provide sufficient energy.

The above is the detailed content of 1660 graphics card win10 cannot install driver. For more information, please follow other related articles on the PHP Chinese website!

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