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Navicat reports 2013 error

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Navicat reports 2013 error

navicat connects to the remote database, a 2013 error solution occurs

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Navicat reports 2013 error

Use regular and SSH connection

==Note: SSh connection is Used to connect to the server, while the regular connection is used to connect to the MySQL database in the server (the username and password for the SSH connection here are for the service (the default is root), and the regular username and password are the username and password set by the MySQL installation Password)==

1. Connect to MySQL in the server

The connection name here is arbitrary, the ip is; the port is 3306, and the user name is root , the password is the login password when you enter msql -u root -p; make sure the username and password are correct

Navicat reports 2013 error

2. Then click SSH

The IP here is the IP of the server. The default port is 22. The username and password are the username and password for remote connection to the server (the default is root); make sure the username and password are correct and click Connection Test

Navicat reports 2013 error

==Note: If unsuccessful, please check your password, or vim /etc/mysql/my.cnf in your MySQL configuration Comment out bind-address =

and finally you can operate the database on the server locally!

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