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How to connect printer in javaScript

Release: 2018-06-14 15:41:25
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Below I will share with you an example of using javaScript to link a printer and print a receipt. It has a good reference value and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

is as follows:

<%@ page contentType="text/html;charset=UTF-8"%>
<%@ include file="/webpage/include/taglib.jsp"%>

收票类型:电费 缴费日期: ${emfee.dt}
户名 ${emfee.userName} 表号 ${emfee.emNo} 房号 ${emfee.num}
起止时间 ${emfee.emDt}至${emfee.startDt} 缴费金额 ${emfee.tranMoney} 倍率 ${emfee.emRate}
用电量 时段 起止表码 倍率前用量 本次用量 单价 本次电费
${emfee.mosaicJian} ${emfee.jianQuantity} ${emfee.blJian} ${emfee.jian} ${emfee.jianFee}
${emfee.mosaicFeng} ${emfee.fengQuantity} ${emfee.blFeng} ${emfee.feng} ${emfee.fengFee}
${emfee.mosaicPing} ${emfee.pingQuantity} ${emfee.blPing} ${emfee.ping} ${emfee.pingFee}
${emfee.mosaicGu} ${emfee.guQuantity} ${emfee.blGu} ${emfee.gu} ${emfee.guFee}
${emfee.mosaicZong} ${emfee.quantity} ${emfee.blquantity} —— ${emfee.electFee}
电费 上次剩余(元) 本期已用(元) 本次缴费(元) 本次剩余(元)
${emfee.lastRemainQ} ${emfee.electFee} ${emfee.tranMoney} ${emfee.remainQ}
收款人: 付款人:

Copy after login

The above is what I compiled for everyone. I hope it will be helpful to everyone in the future.

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