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PHP framework learning: 8 PHP development frameworks that must be used for efficient web development

Release: 2017-06-26 20:29:00
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What is the php framework?

For many PHP novices, frameworks are a difficult obstacle to climb. In fact, as long as you know the process of a framework and understand the principles, you can understand basically similar frameworks. The real development of PHP frameworks will start with PHP5. In fact, There were some frameworks in the php4 era, but because the frameworks did not bring much convenience to everyone, they were very complicated and the speed was not as good as pure php, so it was not until php5 that there was major development. The modification of the object-oriented model of php5 had a great impact on the development of the framework. played a big role.

In short, the framework means that in project development, some architectures and codes are repeated. In order to avoid duplication of work, various frameworks were born. The PHP development framework helps promote rapid software development (RAD), which saves developers time, helps create more stable programs, and reduces the developer's labor of rewriting code. These frameworks also help beginners create stable programs by ensuring correct database operations and programming only at the presentation layer. The PHP development framework allows you to spend more time creating real Web programs instead of writing repetitive code

What are the mainstream PHP frameworks?

PHP frameworks have always been widely used, most of which are based on the MVC architecture model and event-driven model. Here, PHP Chinese website recommends several mainstream PHP frameworks for everyone.

Laravel Framework

One of the most popular and powerful PHP development frameworks is Laravel. Many web developers prefer to use this framework to build business web solutions for large enterprises as per their business needs. This framework supports powerful controllers, slim restful prototypes, simple JSON APIs, and more. php中文网Laravel framework related courses:

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Laravel framework installation package download:

Laravel 5.4 one-click installation Package

CodeIgniter Framework

As another popular PHP development framework, CodeIgniter supports small scripts by PHP developers to build small and fully functional websites loaded with custom features. php中文网 CodeIgniter framework related courses:

Brothers Band CI framework video tutorial

## CodeIgniter framework installation package download:

CodeIgniter-3.1.3 Stable Version Installation Package

##Yii Framework Another high-speed website solution is to use the Yii framework. Many PHP web development companies use Yii framework for its notable features like caching, MVC, DAO/active logging, functional testing, authentication and customizable access.

php中文网Yii framework related courses:

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Yii framework installation package download:

Yii 2.0 Advanced Edition Installation Package

THinkPHP Framework A fast, compatible and simple lightweight domestic PHP development framework. It was born in early 2006. Its original name was FCS. It was officially renamed ThinkPHP on New Year's Day in 2007. It was released in accordance with the Apache2 open source agreement. It was transplanted from the Struts structure and made improvements and improvements. It also draws on many excellent foreign frameworks and patterns, uses object-oriented development structure and MVC pattern, and integrates the ideas of Struts and TagLib (tag library), RoR's ORM mapping and ActiveRecord pattern.

php中文网THinkPHP framework related courses:

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THinkPHP framework installation package download:

ThinkPHP5. 0Full version installation package

Zend Framework

Zend framework provides amazing web networking solutions for corporate businesses with PHP web development services. Zend Framework 2.4.3 full version installation package

##Phalcon Framework

Phalcon is an open source, full-stack, PHP5 framework written in C language. It provides developers with a large number of advanced tools required for website and application development, and Phalcon is loosely coupled. Developers can use other components as needed. All functions in Phalcon are presented as PHP classes. Developers do not need to learn and use C language, and there is no need to worry about performance issues. Superior performance, power and ease of use are the main factors that make Phalcon popular.

Symfony Framework

As one of the popular and commonly used PHP development frameworks, it is suitable for all types of web project development. Therefore, businesses can hire PHP developers who are skilled in this framework to quickly create and maintain websites.

Webasyst Framework

Another recognized PHP framework is Webasyst. Webasyst is a free PHP framework for creating stylish multi-user web applications and websites. It provides a multi-application UI to integrate and design users' applications, handle user authentication, access rights management, routing settings, and more. This framework is suitable for businesses and teams. It is compatible with PHP, MySQL, Smarty and jQuery. [Related recommendations]


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