JavaScript OOP debugging tips video tutorial
"JavaScript OOP Debugging Skills Video Tutorial" This course was recorded by JavaScript is a good choice for writing object-oriented WEB applications. It can support OOP because it supports inheritance through prototypes and through Properties are just as good as methods. Many developers try to abandon JS and try to use C# or JAVA simply because JS is not an object-oriented language that they feel is suitable. Many people have not realized that javascript supports inheritance. When you write object-oriented When writing code, it can give you very powerful energy. You can also use it to write reusable and encapsulated code. Why are objects so great? The success of object-oriented thinking is that it imitates real things and their relationships. Things have attributes and methods. If we describe a desk lamp, we will say its height and width, such as 12CM. The action of "turning on the light" is Its method. When it is on, it can be made lighter or darker (that is, the brightness attribute value becomes larger or smaller).
javascript oop debugging skills video tutorial
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"JavaScript OOP Debugging Skills Video Tutorial" After studying this course, we can understand the mechanism of classes in JavaScript, the design patterns of classes, etc.! !
JavaScript OOP debugging tips video tutorial
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