Front-end interview arena
Rumor in the world: "As soon as you enter the front end, it is as deep as the sea", This is the advice of seniors, scaremongering, keep your own job? Do you want to see the true face of Lushan on the front end? Teacher Zhu will accompany you to take a look: What is there in the weird front-end world? More fun and interesting things are available in the public welfare live broadcast dinner prepared by php Chinese website for you.... On Double Twelve, in addition to Taobao, you might as well come to Taotao class to invest in your own brain. It is always the most cost-effective, right? Time: December 11th ~ December 12th (15:00 ~ 17:00 pm) Discussion QQ group: 909720232
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- Analysis of http working principle - Specific responsibilities for html, css, and javascript - Analysis of web page parsing process - A scary thought: JavaScript functions and closures - Path to Nirvana: JavaScript Objects and Construction Patterns -Enjoy the pleasant feeling brought by literals - This, whose undercover agent are you? Detailed explanation of call()/apply()/bind() - Can the coquettish arrow function really bring about a front-end revolution? - Namespace, dependencies, modules, private properties, static members...
Front-end interview arena
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