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‎The Story of Little Navigator

‎The Story of Little Navigator

  • Classify:  Simulation
    Release time:  2024-01-11
    Platform:  IOS
  • visits:  427
    size:  447.6 MB
    language:  English
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Game Introduction

"The Story of Little Navigator" is an exciting adventure game that allows you to play the role of a brave little navigator, explore unknown sea areas, and find precious treasures. In this world full of surprises and challenges, you will face various pirates, monsters and obstacles, and only through wisdom and skill can you succeed.

Game Features:

  1. Rich sea adventure: Explore multiple sea areas, including tropical islands, frozen oceans and mysterious deep seas, to unlock hidden treasures and secrets.
  2. Customize your ship: Upgrade and modify your ship by collecting materials and gold coins to increase speed, durability and attack power.
  3. Diverse missions: Complete various missions, such as escorting merchant ships, fighting pirates, rescuing trapped crew members, etc., and win generous rewards.
  4. Diversified characters: Recruit crew members with different skills and characteristics to form a powerful fleet. Each character has unique abilities and skills.
  5. Multiplayer cooperation mode: Team up with friends or other players to challenge powerful enemies and pirates together to compete for rare treasures.


  1. Sailing and exploration: Drive your ship to sail to various sea areas, find treasures and mission points, and pay attention to avoid obstacles and enemies.
  2. Combat and Defense: Fight pirates and monsters, use the skills of your turrets and crew to protect your ship from harm.
  3. Missions and Challenges: Accept various missions, such as escort missions, enemy attack missions, etc. You can get gold coins and experience by completing the missions.
  4. Ship upgrade and modification: Use the resources and gold coins obtained to upgrade your ship to increase speed, durability and attack power, and you can also modify the appearance of the ship.
  5. Multiplayer cooperation and competition: Team up with friends to perform cooperative tasks, compete for the first place on the leaderboard, and win generous rewards and honors.

Player comments:

  1. “This game is so fun! I like exploring different sea areas, looking for treasures and secrets, and every adventure makes me excited ."
  2. "The system of ship upgrades and modifications is very deep. I can build my own perfect fleet according to my own preferences and needs."
  3. "Enter multiplayer cooperative missions with friends. The experience is great. We can support and cooperate with each other to face strong enemies and challenges together. "
  4. "The combat system in the game is very exciting. Every battle with pirates and monsters requires me to use my skills flexibly. and strategy. "
  5. "The graphics and sound effects of the game are excellent, giving me a real sailing experience, and I am addicted to it."
##Game skills:

  1. Plan the route in advance: Understand the location of the destination and the conditions of the sea area before departure, plan the best route, and avoid encountering dangers and enemies.
  2. Diversified crew selection: According to the needs of the mission and your own strategy, choose crew members with different skills and characteristics, reasonably match the crew's abilities, and improve combat effectiveness.
  3. Flexible use of skills: In battle, rational use of crew skills, such as acceleration, treatment and attack skills, can help you gain an advantage in combat.
  4. Collect and utilize resources: During exploration and missions, collect as many resources as possible, including gold coins, materials and props, which can be used to upgrade ships and crews.
  5. Multiplayer cooperation and competition: Team up with friends for cooperative missions, support and cooperate with each other, and defeat powerful enemies and pirates together to win more rewards and honors.
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Game Screenshots
  • ‎The Story of Little Navigator
  • ‎The Story of Little Navigator
  • ‎The Story of Little Navigator
  • ‎The Story of Little Navigator
  • ‎The Story of Little Navigator
  • ‎The Story of Little Navigator
  • ‎The Story of Little Navigator
  • ‎The Story of Little Navigator

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