Chuanzhi Podcast 2017 latest php video tutorial
PHP ("Hypertext Preprocessor") is a general-purpose open source scripting language. The syntax absorbs the characteristics of C language, Java and Perl, which is easy to learn and widely used. It is mainly suitable for the field of Web development. PHP's unique syntax mixes C, Java, Perl, and PHP's own syntax. It can execute dynamic web pages faster. Compared with other programming languages, dynamic pages made with PHP embed programs into HTML (an application under the Standard Universal Markup Language) document for execution, and the execution efficiency is much higher than CGI that completely generates HTML tags. In "Chuanzhi Podcast 2017 Latest PHP Video Tutorial", we will teach you some basic knowledge of PHP.
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"Chuanzhi Podcast 2017 Latest PHP Video Tutorial" will lead you to understand PHP, basic knowledge (php syntax, variables, operators, loops, statements and some commonly used functions), and explain through examples, let everyone understand what these are, and it will be helpful for those who have a certain PHP foundation. Friends, let’s do a basic consolidation and improvement.
Chuanzhi Podcast 2017 latest php video tutorial
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