Issue 24_Comprehensive actual combat
(Registration consultation WeChat: phpcn01) The comprehensive practical course aims to consolidate the learning results of the first two stages, achieve the flexible application of front-end and PHP core knowledge points, and complete your own project with practical training: large-scale social e-commerce system development (ThinkPHP6+Element Plus+ Vue3), accounting system (WeChat applet), and guide the launch.
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Comprehensive practical key practical courses include: ThinkPHP development framework configuration and development process, Vue.js entry to proficiency, Element Plus UI framework (based on Vue3), CMS general backend system development (front-end and back-end separation), product specification design (SKU), payment System/order management, distribution/coupons/flash sales, e-commerce user system, development of large-scale social e-commerce system (imitating CRMEB), server operation and maintenance, interview/employment/entrepreneurship guide, quick introduction to WeChat mini program, practical mini program - notes accounting system.
Issue 24_Comprehensive actual combat
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