Uni-App from entry to practical use
uni-app is a framework that uses Vue.js to develop all front-end applications. Developers write a set of codes that can be published to iOS, Android, Web (responsive), and various small programs (WeChat/Alipay/Baidu/Toutiao/ QQ/DingTalk/Taobao), Quick App and other platforms. The basic introductory course of uni-app allows novice uni-app developers to quickly become familiar with and use the uni-app framework to develop simple cross-end applications~
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You will learn:
1.uniapp life cycle (application life cycle, page life cycle); 2.uniapp data cache; 3. Routing and page jump; 4. Initiate a network request; 5. How to reference font icons in uniapp; 6. Conditional compilation; 7. Style and layout ...
Uni-App from entry to practical use
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