What does second-level domain name mean?

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Our domain names can be divided into first-level domain names and second-level domain names. Many people have a deep understanding of first-level domain names. So what is a second-level domain name? Let’s summarize it below.

What does second-level domain name mean?

1: What does the second-level domain name mean?

The second-level domain is also called the second-level domain name. The second-level domain name is relative to The first-level domain name (com) is under the top-level domain name. Generally speaking, the second-level domain name is the penultimate part of the domain name.

2: The difference between the first-level domain name and the second-level domain name

The second-level domain name exists under the first-level domain name. If the top-level domain name does not exist, then the second-level domain name The domain name must not exist. On the contrary, the second-level domain name will not be affected by the first-level domain name.

The first-level domain name is composed of two or more words. There is a little separation in the middle, and the entire domain name has a point. The second-level domain name is a subordinate of the first-level domain name. There are two second-level domain names. point.

3: Misunderstandings of second-level domain names

Second-level domain names generally use large websites, which can reduce the length of the URL. Under normal circumstances, com.cn cannot be called It is a second-level domain name, generally called a second-level domain. The second-level domain name has its own branches. However, many people regard www as the first-level domain name. In fact, this is incorrect. .com is the first-level domain name, and baidu.com is the second-level domain name. level domain name.

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